Sometimes the best ideas are crafted on a napkin.  WatchMeGoPro™ is one of those ideas.

In early January 2008, Todd Boufford sat down with future fellow Rock Solid Software, LLC (RSS) business partner, David Bond, to talk about the possibility of establishing a small, local software development firm to build a unique browser-based software application outside of the Healthcare IT industry; an area very well known to the three managing partners at RSS.  With many opportunities in mind, Todd brought the idea of a sports management solution to the table, one outside of the recruiting arena and focused specifically on the needs of athletes, their teams, coaches and fans.  A few weeks later, WatchMeGoPro was officially created.

With help from a former fellow colleague named Roy Hasselman, the team began the initial development of what is now known as WatchMeGoPro.

After many hours of additional collaboration between the two original founders, Todd and David, another former colleague Mark Ryan, an expert software developer, joined RSS to focus on building a solution to meet the needs of WatchMeGoPro's future customers, the solution was officially launched a few years later with version 1.6!

Today, the core WatchMeGoPro team resides in North Carolina, with a focus on improving the lives of athletes, coaches, parents, and fans, through the solutions and modules available on WatchMeGoPro!

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