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Participating on sports teams should be fun. But where's the fun in showing up at the wrong field? Or wearing the away uniform when your team is supposed to wear home? Or arriving five minutes before the game ends because you thought it started at 2 p.m., and not 1 p.m.?

WatchMeGoPro's sports management platform eliminates these avoidable frustrations by connecting athletes, team staff, fans, schools, teams and leagues. Users save time, money, and frustration with improved communication and coordination.

Aptly named, WatchMeGoPro is athlete-centric, with one of its focus areas on athletic records/profiles. The athletic records contain athlete assessments data and season statistics.

WatchMeGoPro also provides features for organization/team staff and fans. Staff enjoy timesaving scheduling options and team management functions. Fans use integrated calendars, driving directions, and email/text notifications detailing upcoming games and practices. They also track team progress.

No matter the audience, WatchMeGoPro is user-driven, meaning customers maintain their personalized data through its five core modules; MyAthleticRecord, MyClipboard, MyFanFavorites, MyMessageCenter, and individual Teams. As a Cloud based application that doesn't require hardware installation, new features and functionality will be simple to access.

WatchMeGoPro's name and three progressive stars emblem signifies growth and development. As athletes move from team to team and sport to sport over the years, maintaining an athletic record provides one place to review their athletic resume.

When it comes to cost, WatchMeGoPro is very affordable. The pricing model is simple for organizations and teams, and access for athletes and fans is FREE.

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